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Payment Policy


  Payment is expected on the day services are rendered.  The only acceptable forms of payment are cash, credit cards, flex spending cards, & HSA cards.   Patients must  be authorized users of any card presented.


  ***Insurance is not accepted.  However, upon request, we can provide you with a receipt containing applicable medical codes for reimbursement if allowed by your insurance.  Please contact your insurance carrier to discuss your out-of-network coverage and benefits.


  Patients are required to attend all follow-up appointments regardless of whether they still have medication on hand or not.  If a patient misses an appointment when he/she is due, they can expect to be charged a $50 fee for each week that is missed and they must realize that any missed appointments may result in being dismissed from our program.

Initial Visit/Consultation


A photo ID must be presented at first visit.  If you have insurance, a copy of your card wil be made to have on file for prescription pre-authorizations only.

Followup Visits


(required every 4 weeks)

Urine Drug Screen


(used for in-house purposes only)

***Dr. Marsh made the decision not to enter into any contracts with insurance companies for several reasons.  When a physician contracts with an insurance company, he or she is agreeing to practice medicine within the framework dictated by that particular insurance carrier and each has their own stipulations.  This means that diagnostic and treatment protocols, medications, and appointment duration are all determined by the patient's insurance company and more or less out of the physician's control.  Therefore, more time would be spent satisfying the insurance company and less time would be spent caring for the patient.  Dr. Marsh enjoys treating patients while maintaining a standard of care based on his medical training and experience while staying within the regulations set forth by the Oklahoma State Medical Board and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

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